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We're a nonprofit that works with other charities to provide a wide range of technology services at heavily reduced fees. Our goal is to help nonprofits (and certain small businesses) understand their technology dollars and rightsize technology donations.

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About us

By being a nonprofit technology service provider, we’re uniquely positioned to understand technology donation programs and how/when to supplement opensource solutions to drastically lower your technology costs.

Our founder served as a technology officer for a medium sized nonprofit  and then in an engineering group at a large nonprofit. It became very clear that there was a huge gap in nonprofit technology skillsets relative to the amount of technology available for donation.

Rather than trying to capitalize on a niche market, it seemed best fitting and more philanthropic to serve this need via a charitable entity.

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We hope to develop a scalable model for providing local technology services to nonprofits. After we solve enough local problems, we expect to have the resources and technical depth to tackle larger social problems.

It all starts by finding local nonprofits that have technology needs, but lack the financial resources for implementation. By donating these services at cost, we get to demonstrate our expertise, make new friends, and help your cause.

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